The Only SEO Tool That Can
Manage 1,000's of Keywords

Attention Professional SEOs:

OK, It's Time to Expose A Few "Pro SEO" Secrets...

Amateur internet marketers like to compete for the popular keywords in their niche. They look impressive, and the big numbers of monthly searches are tantalizing. I mean, as many would say, "Why go after small keywords when you can “challenge yourself” and tackle the big ones?

Well, I’ll tell you why...

While it’s nice to rank for “head” keywords or “short tails,” we professional SEOs understand that the real money is in the long tails – the millions of more specific keywords that get smaller search volume. The highest-converting keywords are almost always long tails, and in aggregate, there is infinitely more traffic there as well.

Here’s how Wikipedia defines long tail keywords:

“These phrases individually are unlikely to account for a great deal of searches, but when taken as a whole, can provide significant targeted traffic that convert well ... the volume of converting traffic these terms can generate by nature of their specificity and relevance is worth investigating. These keywords are very effective because there is little competition for most of these keywords on major search engines.”

The Challenge:

Now, the long tails are a messy battlefield. They’re like a dispersed, guerilla fighting force. As Wikipedia indicated, each individual SERP is relatively easy to conquer because there’s little competition out there in the wilderness.

But each keyword only provides a small stream of traffic. So if you’re seeking absurd amounts of traffic, you’ll need to rank for a LOT of them –- hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands.

It’s a battle that comes in a few key phases:

  1. Find relevant keywords (as many as possible)
  2. Match them up with sensible content on your website
  3. Intelligently bulid links to ALL of them on a regular rotating basis
  4. Keep track of rankings and measure success
  5. Repeat As Many Times As Possible

Tens of thousands of keywords? How in the world can I manage them all?

The Solution:

We've devoted the last year of our lives to answering this question for good. We knew we would never be able to grow our businesses until we had an SEO solution that could scale effortlessly. A solution that’s capable of driving potentially unlimited amounts of traffic to our ever-growing number of businesses.

So we glued our noses to our computer screens for 12 straight months, putting these pieces together: keyword research, on-page and content generation, link building, and rank tracking.

In some ways, we thought it might just be a pipe dream -- that we'd never actually be able to get it done. But one day, the last essential piece finally fit, and we realized that the puzzle was complete.

And the best part?

It’s a 100% automated solution, far more so than any other link building system that we know of. That means that once you’ve set it up (and it’s easy to set up), you can leave it going for weeks at a time, silently managing your SEO and making intelligent judgments on your behalf with our proprietary link building algorithm.

We’ve figured out all the complicated parts so that there’s no tricky setup or even oversight required by you!

Make no mistake, if you like to micro-manage your SEO, it won’t stop you. It’s not like a runaway train. But once you’ve given the OK for it to work on a large set of keywords, it will REALLY let loose.

Link Emperor: A Personal SEO War Room...

Today we proudly present our program Link Emperor, a personal war room for managing your SEO campaigns from start to finish. It is the ultimate keyword research tool, a highly sophisticated link building service, and the SEO equivalent of “GODMODE” in your favorite old school video games!

In this document we’re going to explain why it’s hands-down the best possible traffic generation system available for businesses like yours, and why we’re offering it at a price low enough to have caused a number of our beta testers to tell us that we’re “absolutely nuts”...

But despite their best efforts in trying to keep Link Emperor a secret, we’d be delighted to have you join us in crushing the competition. :)

So without further ado (thanks for sticking with us!)...

Here's What The Darn Thing Does...

We went out and formed relationships with 50 of the most popular Link Building Services and combined them all into one fully automated platform.

With Link Emperor, you can simply input your Keywords and Target URLs in one place, and we automatically order link building from literally dozens of distinct, quality, reputable link building services.

As soon as you enter a keyword campaign into Link Emperor, hundreds (or thousands) of backlinks will begin flowing in the very same day.

Because we believe the key to SEO success today is through diversity, we've pre-configured Link Emperor to use as many link building services as possible for each campaign you run.

We're constantly adding more services, but here is a list of just some of the link building service types that are currently included in Link Emperor:

  • Article Directory Submission
  • Wiki Submission
  • Social Submission through SocialAdr
  • Private Network Blog Posts
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Web 2.0 Blog Posts
  • Bug Tracker Submission
  • Web 2.0 Creation
  • Press Releases
  • ... and more!

Click here to see the latest list of vendors and services (which changes daily), complete with exact prices for each service type.

And you aren't stuck with our pre-configured allocation. Link Emperor is fully customizable, so you can configure exactly which types of backlinks (And in what proportions) you want flowing to each campaign.

You can also configure tons of other parameters about your link building campaign, including tiered link building pyramids, anchor text randomization, and more.

The Most Advanced Link Building System, Period.

We spent over 3,000 man-hours and literally hundreds of thousands of dollars building Link Emperor. Our team includes a computer scientist from Harvard, a software engineer from Microsoft, and seven other full time staff members who work continuously on improving our systems.

Because of our world-class team, we are one of the only products that is able to innovate at the "Speed of Google." Whenever any algorithm change is announced, we immediately spring into action and work on adapting Link Emperor to the latest environment.

In fact, we're investing $500,000 this year on Research and Development, and that's in addition to the well over $1,000,000 that we'll be spending on our network of Link Building Vendors.

World Class Support

And despite being hands down the best link building system, Link Emperor is famously easy to use and comes with world-class Telephone, Skype, Live Chat, and E-Mail based support.

You'll be able to get started immediately by using our intuitive wizard-like interface. And if you are looking to do something really advanced, you can consult our training library of over 45 detailed tutorial videos.

Same Day Results

Unlike other link building services, Link Emperor starts building links for your campaigns within just minutes. It's very common for our customers to promote a Press Release or a Video and have it rank in Google the very same day.

Our accounts come with instant activation and instant access.

None of the "Gotchas" of Other Services

Unlike other services, Link Emperor is fully automated and hosted in the cloud, and there are no extras that you have to buy.

  • No chance of infecting your computer with spyware while running, unlike OTHER services
  • No chance of getting your IP blacklisted, unlike OTHER services
  • No need to deal with annoying proxies, unlike OTHER services
  • No need to purchase CAPTCHAs, unlike OTHER services
  • No need to monitor or hire outsourcers to run it, unlike OTHER services
  • No need to pay for a server or automate anything, unlike OTHER services
  • No need to purchase link building packets, unlike OTHER services
  • No need to pay for a subscription to a spinner, unlike OTHER services
  • No need to purchase ANY other subscriptions at all, unlike OTHER services
  • No need to do ANYTHING after setting up campaigns, unlike OTHER services

Just Imagine...

Think about how getting Link Emperor will affect your business.

Now that link building is no longer a tedious task to be managed, but rather a fully automated process that happens while you sleep, you'll have tons of free time. You'll be able to take on new clients or expand your business by entering new niches or new geographic regions.

Or, perhaps, free yourself up to spend more time with family and friends.

We know that Link Emperor can do this for you. Because that's what it's done for us.

And who are we, anyway?

Bobby and Kevin, the founders of Link Emperor, have been online marketers since 2008. We've studied SEO intensely and we've learned directly from the biggest names. We've spoken at Affiliate Summit, demonstrated at Pubcon, and have attended just about every major SEO conference we can get into.

We're also members of an elite SEO Mastermind and speak routinely with some of the biggest SEOs on the forums and in industry.

But when it comes to getting results, don't just take our word for it. Check out these recent testimonials:

"...I STILL have my hand up to my mouth to keep my chin from dropping!"

"...hours of my life returned to me..."

"...I am just loving it!!!"

"...easiest to far most effective..."

"...the best customer service in the industry."

But Wait … Link Emperor Does A Lot More Than Just Link Building

Being the best link building service is really just a starting point for us. We've also built tons of valuable bonus features into Link Emperor.

Rank Checking

Link Emperor has built in weekly Google Rank Checking for all of your keywords. You can also upgrade to daily rank checking or add Bing rank checking for a small additional cost.

If you’ve been paying for a rank checking service, Link Emperor will save you the money and the hassle of having to go somewhere else.

Web Analytics Integration

Link Emperor also directly integrates with Google Analytics and Clicky. Link Emperor will automatically pull the keywords you’re getting traffic for and add them to your keyword list. It will also compare the actual traffic that’s coming in for each keyword vs. the expected amount of traffic you should be receiving based upon your current position in the SERPs.

Many professional SEOs claim that digging through Google Analytics is the best keyword research tool out there. Well, Link Emperor does it for you.

Beautiful Client Report Generation

If you have clients, Link Emperor will make you look like a superstar. Link Emperor generates beautiful PDF reports weekly or monthly showing SERP Rankings, Link Building Activity, and Analytics data.

They're fully customizable and branded with your brand, so your clients think that the report came straight from you. And on our larger plans, we even let you create usernames/passwords for your clients that let them log in to see real time data.

Keyword Research

Link Emperor's Keyword Research feature automatically pulls thousands of keywords in from various sources, based on what your competitors are ranking for. Just enter the URLs of your competitors and Link Emperor will crawl the internet, finding their best keywords.

Once Link Emperor has assembled a list of keywords, it groups them by common prefixes and sorts them into a "tree." When you click on a hyperlinked keyword, it unfolds to reveal the long tails that share those same prefix words.

This is a fantastic tool for entering new niches and designing site architecture based around the keyword trees which represent the real keyword relationships that exist in the wild.

And More!

Our On-Page SEO Audit Feature will crawl your pages and check for common SEO errors, such as missing META tags or incorrect canonical URLs.

And our Instant Article Generation features means that you don't need to provide any articles at all in order for us to perform our link building services.

We're also constantly adding new features to Link Emperor to make Professional SEOs more productive. Every week, we post a weekly blog post detailing the newest improvements.

Think Link Emperor Is Right For You?

After all that, you're probably wondering what you're going to invest to start using Link Emperor today.

One of our mentors, an 8-figure marketer who was one of the original customers of Link Emperor told us that we'd be absolutely nuts to sell this system for less than $2,000 per month.

And we absolutely agree.

But we're not going to charge you $2,000.

We're not going to charge you $1,000.

We're not going to charge you $500.

We're not even going to charge you $250.

Your investment in Link Emperor is just $147 per month.

And that includes all of it. You get all our Link Building, Keyword Research, Article Generation, Rank Checking, On-Page Website Audits, and more.

We're comfortable making such an outrageously low offer because we've been in business for a year and a half and we know our numbers. We know that 75% of our revenue comes from customers who upgrade their accounts and use Link Emperor on a larger scale. Because once we start saving people massive amounts of time, they tend to get … addicted.

And because we know that, we're even willing to go one step further, with our ...

$7 Fully Refundable Trial Offer

We know that a lot of you are already spending your entire budgets on other services. We know that you probably want to give Link Emperor a try for yourself before you go canceling your other services.

So we're offering, for a limited time, a risk-free trial of Link Emperor for just $7 for 7 days.

You'll get full access to Link Emperor and 7 days worth of link building. That's enough to fully launch your first Link Building Campaign.

We're giving you this trial because we want you to see exactly how our link building works. In fact, the $7 that we're charging for this trial offer doesn't even cover our costs of providing that much Link Building. The reason that we do it is because we know that once you've used Link Emperor, you'll be hooked.

And of course, your investment is completely risk free because of our...

Lifetime 30-Day 100% Refund Policy

If at any time you decide that you’re not 100% THRILLED with the service, (even if you just have a tiny little pang of doubt as to whether you’re getting a mindblowing value), we’ll refund all subscription payments from the last 30 days, without question or hesitation.

It's a continuous 30-day refund policy. And you can always keep the backlinks we've already built!

Join the growing community of Professional SEOs who have more time, fewer expenses and skyrocketed incomes.

If you're still with us at this point, it's clear that Link Emperor is for you.

Right below this text, you'll see the link to our order form. I want you to click on the orange "Join Now" button, fill out the form on the next page, get your account activated instantly, and input your keywords and URLs right now.

We'll start your link building campaign within minutes.

Just click the "Join Now" button right here ...

We'll see you on the other side.

Bobby and Kevin
Founders and Proprietors, Link Emperor

P.S. Imagine for a second that for you decide not to invest in Link Emperor. As SEO becomes more complicated due to algorithm change after algorithm change, you'll be spending an increasing amount of time struggling with link building. And you might even lose rankings.

Don't let that happen to you.

And don't say we didn't warn you. We've seen it happen time and time again.

P.P.S. Remember, you're getting a 7-Day Trial of Link Emperor for just $7. After the trial period, your account will renew at the rate of $147/month (unless you upgrade to a larger plan).

There is absolutely no risk because of our 30-day No-Questions-Asked Refund Guarantee. We'll set up your account immediately, you'll get instant access, and we'll start building your backlinks within minutes.