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Daily Rank Checking & Bing Rank Checking Now Available!!! Plus A Few More...

January 25, 2013

Hey Emperors!

We have been working our tails off, and today we have some HUGE updates!

We have SEVERAL new features to announce!

1) Daily Rank Checking Available! - We now allow you the ability to update your rankings on a daily basis! We have had this request quite a bit and have always been hesitant, but you guys asked and so you shall receive. For a few dollars more you can update a campaign's keyword rankings daily! I'll go over this a bit more in the video...

2) Bing Rank Checking Available! - Another optional feature, you can now check all your rankings in Bing!  There is a minor monthly fee increase for this as well, since it is a direct cost for every ranking we check.  But especially for some of our client-serving folks, when combined with so many of our other new reporting features this will be an awesome option!

3) Branded Client Logins Are Now More Flexible - Next, for anyone on Emperor- and Senator- level plans...  You can now select which columns of data you would like your clients to see in the branded client login options!  

Check this video out to see a walkthrough of a few of these useful new features (and read below for more...!):

4) Rankings Now Sortable by Campaign - Now hold on, we still have one more update! On the rankings tab, you can now sort your rankings by campaign! This makes it way easier to analyze your results in useful chunks.

Some quick directions on how to sort ranking by campaign:


1. Navigate to your rankings tab and click the additional columns button, click the check box labeled "Campaign"


2. Click on the column labeled Campaign to begin sorting:

We really hope you enjoy some of these great user driven feature updates! As always, you can look forward to some more major changes and additions in the coming days!

If you have any features or crazy ideas for Link Emperor we would love to hear them. Leave us a comment below or shoot us an email at [email protected]
Until next time...
Karson Kraybill
Link Emperor Customer Support

Now You Can Add More Keywords, Without Upgrading Your Plan!

January 17, 2013

Hey everybody!  Big news!

The Link Emperor team has a great new addition to the software that will help a lot of our customers! We now offer the ability to purchase more keywords for your account, without upgrading your entire plan.  Not to mention, it comes at the low price of just a dime per keyword.

Are you on a Soldier plan and 100 keywords just isn't cutting it for you? We got you covered. You can now add as many as you need for only 10 cents each!

So how do you go about adding more keywords to your account?

The best part about it, there's no complicated process to adding these keywords to your account. You simply add them just like you would any other keyword. You will find an additional block of text on the interface when adding keywords. You can see this highlighted below:


This block of text will let you know how many keywords you're currently using and how many your plan includes. If you need extras, just throw them in and the additional cost will be charged alongside the monthly renewal!

So, it's as simple as that. We hope you guys get the most out of this new feature. I know several of our wonderful Link Emperor users have requested it!

We would be delighted to hear what you guys think! Leave a comment in the box below!
To your success,
Karson Kraybill
Customer Support Specialist

New Training Videos!

January 09, 2013


I am pleased to announce that after a lot of hard work from our Customer Service Rep, Karson, we now have a fully updated training video section!

You can take a look here…

If you are familiar with our older set of videos you will definitely notice some changes!

For one, we have split these videos into much shorter, much more focused bits. So if there is a specific feature of Link Emperor you are looking for, you don't have to sit through a long video with unrelated information. You can just jump right to that particular feature!

Also, as these videos are all newly recorded they will be easier to follow along. As Link Emperor is such a dynamic piece of software, we are always adding new features and interface changes. By using these shorter, more focused videos, we will be able to add these new features as they come. For you, this means that they will always be up to date! 

As always, our support desk is here to help you with any questions you may have, but if you are looking for a comprehensive tutorial on a specific feature, this is a great resource!

Be sure to check these what you get a chance. Even for our more experienced clients, you may be surprised with some of the tips you pick up in these videos!

This updated video catalogue has been a much requested feature from our clients and we are thrilled that we can finally roll these out! A lot of hard work went into creating these and we hope that you will find them as useful as we intended them to be!

To Your Success,

Cody Manning

Customer Support Specialist