About Link Emperor

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most common questions we get about Link Emperor.

Who makes Link Emperor? What do you know about SEO?

Link Emperor is made by the same guys who are behind Gangster Profit, the business show that has helped hundreds of Internet Marketers get better. Kevin is a Harvard-trained computer scientist and Bobby brings years of SEO experience to the table.

Before releasing Link Emperor to the public, Bobby and Kevin used it to drive over $1.7 Million in sales to their own online business portfolio.

What types of sites is Link Emperor meant for?

We believe that you should be actively SEOing any website that makes you money. This includes eCommerce Stores, Affiliate Sites, your Business Website(s), Blogs, Bum Marketing pages, Article Marketing articles, Web 2.0 sites, Adsense sites, and more. We support and build links to them all. If the site makes you money, you should be using SEO to get more traffic!

What is your return/refund policy?

If at any time you decide that you're not 100% THRILLED with our service, (even if you just have a tiny little pang of doubt as to whether you're getting a mindblowing value here), we'll refund your prior 30 days' worth of service immediately, without question or hesitation.

How much control can I have if I'm not interested in putting my SEO fully on autopilot?

If you're the type who likes to micromanage their operations, you'll love the amount of control you have with Link Emperor. In fact, Link Emperor makes it easy to manage your campaigns en masse, so you can scale at a level you've never before thought possible.

You're free to break your campaigns down into subcampaigns (nested as deep as you'd like) and it's easy to manually force Link Emperor to value certain pages, keywords and campaigns the way you want. So if you want to really take control of how many links are getting built to each keyword and lander, that's no problem at all.

You also get more detailed reporting than you get with practically any other tool out there. You'll get reports that describe which links were built, when, and to where. This is great for the corporate client who needs to compute their own metrics or print their own reports. It's also fantastic for the client-serving SEO professional who needs hard evidence of where their client's money has been spent.

Will my data and niches be kept private and safe from prying eyes?

ABSOLUTELY. We ourselves don't even look at your data unless we're helping you solve potential issues, and no one else in the world is privvy to your data unless we're subpoenaed by a court of law and forced to reveal it. We use state-of-the-art security techniques and routinely audit our systems. Check out our Privacy Policy.

Could Link Emperor get me banned in Google?

We have two answers to this question, one that our lawyers forced us to give and another that comes from our own personal experience.

Our lawyers want you to know that if you choose to use Link Emperor, we can't be responsible for anything that happens to your website (even if you really think that it was caused by us). We are an external tool that doesn't make any changes to your actual website, unless you're optionally using the extremely limited snippet of PHP code offered with our link network functionality -- other than that, we only build links on other pages on the Internet.

The answer that we prefer to give, and the one that we tell to our friends, is that if we knew how to get sites banned by Google, we'd much rather sell that service. Think about it -- if, for the price of a Link Emperor Subscription, you could knock all your competitors out of the rankings, we'd suggest doing that! But basically, Google avoids penalizing websites for external factors that are outside of the webmaster's control. Otherwise, SEO would be a dirty, dirty war and Google wouldn't know who to believe.

Any SEO worth their salt will tell you the same thing.

Does Link Emperor leave any footprints to alert Google that I'm using it?

No. Link Emperor is an external link building and link management tool, and it doesn't change your actual website in any way. Google will have no way of knowing whether you were involved in having these external links built. If you're using our Link Network module to build your own Link Networks, our code runs entirely on your server and the links generated by it look exactly like normal links.

We're obsessive about not leaving footprints around on our own websites, and since we use Link Emperor ourselves, we've done our absolute best to keep it entirely under the radar.

If Link Emperor is making you that much money, why don't you keep it for yourselves?

That's a great question, and it's one we always ask when we're evaluating other peoples' products.

We actually did keep it to ourselves for over a year. We ran all of our sites on it, kept it mostly a secret and have made many many changes to it since it started. But over time we realized that it was such an awesome product that we thought it was just a great opportunity in itself to sell it to others, and the ONLY downside to selling it would be that our competitors might get their hands on it!

But we figure that if Link Emperor gets that big, we'll be doing pretty well either way... so we decided to take our chances :)

How hard is it to set up my campaigns?

We've worked to make it as easy as possible, and it's roughly laid out the same way as Google Adwords. Basically, you add in the landing pages that you'd like to rank for specific keywords, and then you define which keywords you'd like those pages to rank for. You also assign a rough estimate of how much a visit is worth to each page, so that way we can decide which pages are more valuable for you to rank higher and thus we'll allocate our link building accordingly.

If you so choose, you can also break them down into subcampaigns for organization purposes, but that's entirely up to you. The length of the process really depends on how many landing pages you have, but you can use our bulk importer if you have a whole lot of them.

I'm already spending a ton of money on other SEO services, how can I afford Link Emperor too?

First off, you should check to see if we integrate with those services because we're constantly growing! But we like to think of Link Emperor as a brilliant replacement for the majority of your other SEO services. If you're paying someone to manage your SEO for you, you probably won't need to any longer. Link Emperor, for the most part, runs entirely on its own once it's set up. It's a plug and play solution to link building!

If you're paying outsourcers to build links for you by hand, fire them. You don't need them any more -- we can offer you many times more links for way less cost.

If you're using automated software like Sick Submitter, SENuke, XRumer etc. then cancel your subscriptions and stop paying for captcha breaking today. The automated services we've integrated with will run these types of automated solutions for you for extremely reasonable prices due to their economies of scale. You no longer have to deal with second-rate software when it crashes, the network goes down, or whatever other headaches can happen when it comes to doing it yourself. And if you're sitting in front of your computer running these programs, it will obviously save you a ton of time.

If you value your time and want the best deal on link building, we've come up with the ultimate solution. We honestly don't know anybody out there who's able to offer a better overall value than Link Emperor.

What if services go down?

We've done best to make sure that our servers provide far more capacity than what's required for the user base we currently support.

But in the event that services were to go down, either ours or our partners', your data would be kept safe and we'd do our absolute best to get services back up and running ASAP.

In the event that one of our link building partners were to go down for an extended period of time, we'd re-route your linkbuilding to another operational partner as long as the types of links built are similar. This is another advantage to Link Emperor over competing, less diversified solutions. The links keep on coming!

What kind of results can I expect to see?

We can't promise anything specific, and there are a ton of factors that go into whether or not you will see results. The biggest factors are the difficulty of the keywords you choose to compete for, the quality of the content on your own site, and the amount of link building you're willing to pay for.

However, people who use Link Emperor have been extremely impressed with the results they've found. We constantly help people break onto the first page of Google results or attain the #1 ranking for the keyword they've been targeting. We can personally attest that in aggregate, our sites tend to go up in ranking every month that we are actively focused on link building.

So long as you follow the instructions we've provided, we believe that you can achieve significant results for a wide assortment of keywords, no matter the niche.

How does Link Emperor help my site rank in Google?

In short, Google sees the Internet as a series of links from one page to the next. It considers every link to be like a "vote" for the site being linked to.

Link Emperor finds and manages keywords for your websites to target, so that they can receive more traffic. Then, through partnerships with link building services, Link Emperor arranges to have links with those keywords built to your websites every single day. Google finds these links and sees them as a signal that your site is popular. Generally, this will cause them to raise you higher in the rankings.

Google uses a ton of factors to decide which sites should rank where, but links are one of the largest parts of that formula. By using Link Emperor, you're giving yourself a major edge against the competition in your niche, and over time, you should hopefully achieve a level of traffic that earns your website a boatload of business.

Is Link Emperor better than all the "other, slimy" SEO companies?

Unfortunately, many consultants and private vendors of SEO services are pretty bad at what they do. Some charge very high prices for relatively simple services because their customers didn't understand what they were getting. Some of these people have given SEO companies a bad reputation.

We consider ourselves to be better than most if not all services out there, primarily because we're very up-front about what you'll get and clear-cut in our reporting of the links you receive every month. You can very easily compare prices out there on the Internet, but you'll find it very difficult to find another service that provides everything that we do all wrapped into such a convenient bundle! (If there were one, we'd just use it ourselves.)

We know plenty of people out there who are paying thousands of dollars a month for their SEO services, and they don't have a problem with it because they're making a ton of money with their websites! We believe that we match or exceed that level of quality, but we charge far less than they do.

That said, if you've got a budget that allows you to spend thousands per month on SEO (not a bad idea at all if you know what you're doing -- we spend this much on our own sites), you can absolutely achieve an intelligent and effective investment with some of the higher Link Emperor plans. The nice thing about going with us is that you'll be confident you're getting a fantastic deal on a very transparent and hands-free product.

So no, we do not consider ourselves to be slimy! :)

How does Link Emperor compare to software products such as Sick Submitter or SENuke?

With Link Emperor, there is no software to run at all. We're cloud-based, and we handle all of the link building work through our wonderful link building partners. So essentially, everything that you used to do with Sick Submitter or SENuke, etc, gets done by us automatically. The amount of link building blasts you receive depends on which plan you choose, and how many additional link credits you might purchase on top of that.

Stop wasting time installing, running, and maintaining expensive software packages. Put our economies of scale to work for you!

How does Link Emperor compare to link building services, such as DripFeedBlasts?

We use DripFeedBlasts to build links to many of our customers' sites. But we also use a ton of other services. One of the biggest benefits on the link building side is diversity. We've found that most of these external services typically build links on a relatively small pool of sites (blogs, forums, directories, etc.). Because Link Emperor uses many different link building services, you get a much more diverse and rounded-out link profile pointing to your own sites.

One of the other biggest benefits of using our service is the level of automation. Even though most of our outsourced services are very automated, we bring it to an entire other level. We will continue ordering links for you and intelligently diversifying your link blasts until the end of time! With most other services, you can schedule things for a few hours, maybe even a few days, but in the end you always have to stay on top of them. Not with us.

In our observations, this diversity and steady flow of link building has helped our customers to rank faster and stay ranking longer.

Furthermore, Link Emperor also includes rank checking, keyword research, on-page SEO optimization and more! You won't get that from the other guys.

Which commercial link building services do you integrate with?

Our eventual goal is to integrate with all backlinking services that are worth their salt. As of now, we integrate with:

  • High-PageRank Blog Comments
  • Article Directory Submissions
  • Google +1s
  • Forum Profile Backlinks via BacklinksGenie.com
  • Blog Comments via BacklinksGenie.com
  • PR 4+ Profile Linkwheels via BacklinksGenie.com
  • Forum Profile Backlinks via DripFeedBlasts.com
  • Social Bookmarking via DripFeedBlasts.com
  • .Edu / .Gov Links
  • Blog Network Posts via LinkPushing.net
  • Scrapebox Blog Comments
  • Web Directory Submissions via DripFeedBlasts.com
  • Forum Profile Backlinks via MegaLinkBlaster.com
  • Forum Profile and Blog Comment Backlinks via Dripable.com
  • Auto Backlinks (Our own special blend of a long list of instant backlinks)
  • BacklinksIndexer and NuclearLinkIndexer, which can be run automatically on all other backlinks once they're built

If you are a backlinking service and you would like to be on this list, we'd love to have you! Please join our API Partner Program.

And if you'd like a dynamically updated list of exactly what we currently offer with prices included, visit our page devoted to the Link Market.

Do these sorts of links actually work?

Yes. We actually use Link Emperor for all of our own SEO, so if it didn't work, we wouldn't make money on any of our other sites. But don't just take our word for it -- check out the many testimonials on our pricing page.

Furthermore, if you don't like certain types of links such as profile links or blog comments, you can always allocate your credits toward whatever link types you prefer. If you'd rather receive article directory submissions or blog network posts, for instance, you can allocate more of your credits towards those instead. It's up to you!

What is a Link Building Credit?

Link Building Credits are credits that come with Link Emperor plans that are used to buy link building services from us and our third party partners. Each plan comes with a different number of credits. It's the only way we could try to efficiently allocate costs across multiple services, since many link building services do things different ways, and assign different values to their work.

It's all explained on this page, along with our current price list and examples.

My plan comes with 1,000 Credits per day. Does that mean you build exactly 1,000 links per day?

Not by default. Our link building services come from third party providers that we resell, and each service is a different price in credits. By default, we allocate your link building credits with the goal of achieving a wide and diverse variety of links built, as well as indexed in Google. However, you're free to change your allocation to our cheapest link building services, which depending on the going rate will give you at least one forum profile attempted to be built per credit spent. So you could absolutely be getting at least 1,000 profiles per day (probably more too, because our partners typically throw in a few extra links per blast.)

It's all explained on this page, along with a good set of examples.

Can I keep my links if I cancel?

Yes! Your links are all yours to keep, forever.

How often does your rank checker update ranks?

Currently, every 7 days. We hope to be able to add support for Bing soon.

One of my rankings is reported at a different position from where I see it. Why is that?

Rankings can occasionally be reported differently to how you're seeing them, because Google will often split test their ranking positions between their different data centers, so there can be temporary aberrations occasionally in terms of where you show up. This is not a major issue, but it does happen every so often. There's not much we can do about it, unfortunately, and it's just something that you deal with in any rank checking service. The next time we check the ranking, it should hopefully be back to the proper position.

How are link credits spent, and do they roll over from month to month?

Link Emperor attempts to spend all of your monthly credits as evenly as possible over the course of the monthly credit cycle, so as to smooth out the amount of link building that you receive over time. It generally will be able to finish spending them by the end of the month. However, say you've had your campaigns paused for the majority of the month, or purchased extra link building late into the monthly credit cycle, your credits will roll over into the next month. So there's no fear of them going to waste.

After entering a site into Link Emperor without selecting the analytics option, can I later go back and add in analytics?

Yes. All you have to do is go to the Sites tab for that campaign, delete the site entry, and re-enter it with the correct analytics information. It only takes about 30 seconds, and it will NOT delete any of your keywords / URLs or any other info you've already set up. These tabs are entirely independent of each other.

You can actually enter landers and keywords without entering the site information whatsoever. It's entirely optional, and is only used to attempt to automatically pull in different types of data for larger sites that you might control.

I just began a new account, how does the link building work?

Blasts are scheduled once per day. Different services then execute the blasts at different times during the next calendar day (some do it immediately, some spread it out over the day, etc.). It takes us another day or so to gather the link reports (again some services post up for us immediately, others take time).

So, here's a hypothetical timeline:

Signup and get your Campaigns enabled on Sunday. Your first blast gets scheduled on Monday, executes on Tuesday, and you get the URL report on Wednesday.

Your second blast (if your plan has enough credits for daily blasts) gets scheduled on Tuesday, executes on Wednesday, and you get the URL report on Thursday, etc. So there is a bit of a delay from when you first sign up to when you get your first blast's reporting. But once the process is in motion, it'll be continuous.

By the way, one of the big reasons we spread it out like this is to give us a chance to recover from any issues or problems affecting certain services. If, for example, one service were to go down, we can pull your orders before your account gets charged any credits. We like having this buffer zone in there as it protects both us and you!

How do campaigns work? Can I enter more than one site or domain per campaign?

We think of a campaign as being a "niche." You can put any amount of URLs into each campaign, even web 2.0 sites or other sites that aren't your own, if you'd like to link build to them. Everything within a campaign shares a keyword research tab, so it's easier to think of them as niches and split them up that way. But they're more of an organizational tool than anything else.

Can I build links to Youtube videos or other Web 2.0 sites that I don't actually own?

Of course. You can build links to any URL on the internet, and many of our customers do that to build additional links to their links.

How do target values work? What do they mean?

The target values might sound confusing, but it can be broken down pretty simply.

The target value of a keyword is the final result of our internal calculations in regard to how many links we should build to each keyword. In order to calculate it, we take into account various factors such as the keyword difficulty, your current ranking, the on-page relevance of the keyword, the value of a visitor to that landing page and the amount of traffic that keyword receives. It can change over time, dynamically, as those factors change.

The target values are a relative number, so if one keyword is at 50 and the other is at 100, the keyword with a score of 100 will receive 2x the links over time that the 50 did. That's really all it means in the end. If you think that these scores seem off to you, in terms of the amount of links that you'd like to see built to which keywords, you can just click on the target values to manually edit them.

Target values will sometimes return blank for one of a few reasons. 1) If there is 0 search volume. 2) If the system has decided that they're somewhat difficult and you might want to consider whether or not you want to go after that keyword in lieu of other opportunities. 3) If the keyword does not appear anywhere on your landing page, so doesn't seem to be optimized correctly in order to rank.

We use this as a check to try to ensure that you're building links in a reasonable manner. You can easily override those blank values by clicking on the target value and filling a value in that seems appropriate.

Don't worry, it's not as complicated as it might sound. Most of our customers have figured them out really easily. If you're still confused, just send us an email and we'll walk you through it or review your setup with you.

I'm looking at the Credit Transactions in my new account, and I'm confused about the indexing reports.

Backlinksindexer and NuclearLinkIndexer unfortunately don't report the links that they build back to us (though we have requested it!) So your indexing reports are only showing the links that we're sending in for them to builds links to, not the links that they're actually building. I realize that this can be confusing at first, as all your other link building reports will have the results of link building activity. But in the interest of transparent reporting, we try to give you as much information as possible.

We wish they'd report the actual links back, but we still use their services because they're two of the highest-regarded indexing services out there, and we've seen great results with them thus far!

Once I've set up a campaign, am I stuck with it? Or can I rotate in different keywords and sites, etc?

Whether it's a keyword, a URL, or an entire campaign, you can always delete things and add in new ones. Whatever limit your account has regarding how many keywords you can use, it's just a limit at one specific time. If you're limited to 100 keywords at a time and you've filled those up, you can delete 10 of those and enter 10 new ones whenever you want, if you'd like to change your strategy. Similarly, if you have a client entered in for one of your campaigns and you lose that client, you can easily delete their entire campaign and fill it with something else.

Some people have asked if they can delete all of their sites every week to make room for new ones, to spread their link building across a massive amount of sites over the course of a month. While you could technically do this, it's really not recommended because of the way we order link building. It would be very tough to keep track of exactly which sites have received how much link building, since Link Emperor is designed to be a longer-term strategy where you receive well-rounded link building over time by rotating through different services on the same sites. If you keep swapping out sites, your link building will be extremely haphazard for those particular sites and it probably won't be enough to see any kind of ranking improvement, either.

Do you support international customers (countries other than the USA?)

Yes! We currently fully support the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Russia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Brazil. We hope to be able to add support for even more countries soon. If you're working with an unsupported country, you can still use Link Emperor for building links, and often customers in those countries will choose a country to do their keyword research in that is somewhat comparable in size/culture. We realize this isn't a perfect solution, but many of our customers work with it for the time being in order to access our automated link building.

The reason we don't currently support more countries is because some of the companies we integrate with for keyword research don't currently support them, so we're a bit restricted in that sense.

Finally, if you're targeting keywords in a foreign language that uses special characters, unfortunately we can't currently support those characters, once again because of some of the partners that we integrate with being limited in that way. So what we're advising, for the time being, is to convert special foreign characters to their US alternatives so that we can build links to them.

In the near future, we plan to look closely at how we can overcome this limitation and open our accessibility to as many countries as possible. We don't like it, either! For now, we're doing the best we can.