WARNING: A Harvard Computer Programmer’s 100% Automated SEO Solution Is Causing People to FIRE Their Outsourcers and CANCEL All Their Other SEO Subscriptions.

A bold statement? Absolutely.

But is it something countless online business owners have been doing since the day we launched? ABSOLUTELY.

"...I STILL have my hand up to my mouth to keep my chin from dropping!"

"...major ranking increases..."

"...hours of my life returned to me..."

Here's a news flash. World-class Search Engine Optimization (SEO) just became so dead simple that you might want to pray that your competitors never find this letter, though they most likely will.

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And the scariest part? It’s so easy to operate, any average person can use it. Even your competitor’s grandma. One day soon, there may be nursing homes FULL of professional SEOs, but I digress... :)

I know, I know, you’ve heard this type of nonsense before. A genius comes out of the woodwork to “reinvent” SEO. We see product pitches like that all the time. And maybe I’m playing it up a bit. MAYBE.

But I will guarantee that you’ve never seen a service that made your website’s SEO this simple, powerful, and hands-free. Something that will give you more time to go on vacation while delivering far more #1 rankings than you’re used to. A service that will literally tell YOU what to rank for. One that will make SEO stop seeming like a chore and start seeming, well, like reading the newspaper.


I’ll guarantee that because as far as I know, nothing like this has ever been available to the public before.

Play along with me here...

Imagine if a service made your SEO decisions for you, while you were asleep, based on the keyword opportunities that it found for you.

... and then adjusted your link building strategy on the fly to build more links to the keywords that are your biggest opportunities based on traffic available and where you’re currently ranked?

Did I just blow your mind? Does this sound like SkyNet from the Terminator movies? I hope so.

Let’s try another one...

Imagine if, at the click of a single button, that same service that managed all of your keywords would feed them to the most highly recommended link building services available online, ranked by keyword priority of course, because they were all perfectly integrated into the same management backend?

All while you were asleep! That’s right, fully automated link building in one cohesive dashboard.

And finally, for you client-serving professional SEO’s...

Imagine if that same service offered each of your clients their own login to keep track of their own keywords, rankings, link building, and as much or as little else as you’d like to show them, as often as they want, in a fully professional format with your own company’s logo and colors?

Does it sound like that would create a turnkey SEO business?

Does this sound absurd yet?

If all this were true, it would mean you'd have more time to go on tropical vacations, finally quit your 9-to-5 job, or at the very least get the chance to focus on that dream project you keep setting aside due to daily responsibilities.

Well, it is true. And those three things are exactly what it did for us.

We’ve sold over $1.7 million in merchandise using this very system for our in-house SEO, and we’re just getting started. I’m not talking about sales in the internet marketing niche, either. I’m talking about real-world, competitive-as-hell niches like consumer products, vacation packages, dating and more.

Very quickly, let's take a sky-high view of some of the features, so you can get a basic idea of the software before we delve deeper into this letter.

Just *SOME* of the Features:

  • Can manage, rotate and prioritize thousands upon thousands of keywords
  • Orders links of all types including blog posts, article submissions, Google +1's, .Edu / .Gov Links, Wiki links, High-PR blog comments, press releases and MORE (we pay... it's automatically part of the subscription!)
  • Adjusts link building dynamically over time using our ingenius algorithm
  • Continues to build links & intelligently adjust indefinitely (forever?!)
  • Transparently reports link building in downloadable text files
  • Checks Google rankings weekly on all of your keywords
  • Keyword Data & Rank Checking now available for countries outside the USA!
  • Finds your competitors' secret keywords & rankings for you to target
  • Finds literally thousands of targeted keywords for your campaigns
  • Organizes keywords by their common words to categorize & form "trees"
  • Completely hands-free, 100% automated once set up. We mean COMPLETELY.
  • Hosted online so you can log in from any internet connection in the world
  • Custom-brandable client logins & rank reporting for Pro SEOs with clients
  • Turnkey SEO "Business in a Box" ... even newbies can now sell SEO
  • Utilizes data from SEOMoz.org, SEMRush.com, your own Google Analytics & more...
  • Affiliate program that pays 15% for life!
  • Continuous updates come with the subscription
  • Continuous 30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee
  • Hands-down, the best customer service in the industry

What it Does NOT Do:

  • No chance of infecting your computer with spyware while running, unlike OTHER services
  • Impossible to get your IP blacklisted for spamming, unlike OTHER services
  • No need to deal with annoying proxies, unlike OTHER services
  • No need to purchase CAPTCHAs, unlike OTHER services
  • No need to monitor or hire outsourcers to run it, unlike OTHER services
  • No need to pay for a server or automate anything, unlike OTHER services
  • No need to purchase link building packets, unlike OTHER services
  • No need to pay for a subscription to a spinner, unlike OTHER services
  • No need to purchase ANY other subscriptions at all, unlike OTHER services
  • No need to do ANYTHING after setting up campaigns, unlike OTHER services

So, yeah. It's REALLY SMART.

Now when it comes to getting results, don't just take our word for it. Check out these recent testimonials:

"...I am just loving it!!!"

"...easiest to use...by far most effective..."

"All those rankings are amazing!"

"...the best customer service in the industry."

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OK, It's Time to Expose A Few "Pro SEO" Secrets...

Amateur internet marketers like to compete for the popular keywords in their niche. They look impressive, and the big numbers of monthly searches are tantalizing. I mean, as many would say, "Why go after small keywords when you can “challenge yourself” and tackle the big ones?

Well, I’ll tell you why...

While it’s nice to rank for “head” keywords or “short tails,” we professional SEOs understand that the real money is in the long tails – the millions of more specific keywords that get smaller search volume. The highest-converting keywords are almost always long tails, and in aggregate, there is infinitely more traffic there as well.

Here’s how Wikipedia defines long tail keywords:

“These phrases individually are unlikely to account for a great deal of searches, but when taken as a whole, can provide significant targeted traffic that convert well ... the volume of converting traffic these terms can generate by nature of their specificity and relevance is worth investigating. These keywords are very effective because there is little competition for most of these keywords on major search engines.”

The Challenge:

Now, the long tails are a messy battlefield. They’re like a dispersed, guerilla fighting force. As Wikipedia indicated, each individual SERP is relatively easy to conquer because there’s little competition out there in the wilderness.

But each keyword only provides a small stream of traffic. So if you’re seeking absurd amounts of traffic, you’ll need to rank for a LOT of them –- hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands.

It’s a battle that comes in a few key phases:

  1. Find relevant keywords (as many as possible)
  2. Match them up with sensible content on your website
  3. Intelligently bulid links to ALL of them on a regular rotating basis
  4. Keep track of rankings and measure success
  5. Repeat As Many Times As Possible

Tens of thousands of keywords? How in the world can I manage them all?

The Solution:

We've devoted the last year of our lives to answering this question for good. We knew we would never be able to grow our businesses until we had an SEO solution that could scale effortlessly. A solution that’s capable of driving potentially unlimited amounts of traffic to our ever-growing number of businesses.

So we glued our noses to our computer screens for 12 straight months, putting these pieces together: keyword research, on-page and content generation, link building, and rank tracking.

In some ways, we thought it might just be a pipe dream -- that we'd never actually be able to get it done. But one day, the last essential piece finally fit, and we realized that the puzzle was complete.

And the best part?

It’s a 100% automated solution, far more so than any other link building system that we know of. That means that once you’ve set it up (and it’s easy to set up), you can leave it going for weeks at a time, silently managing your SEO and making intelligent judgments on your behalf with our proprietary link building algorithm.

We’ve figured out all the complicated parts so that there’s no tricky setup or even oversight required by you!

Make no mistake, if you like to micro-manage your SEO, it won’t stop you. It’s not like a runaway train. But once you’ve given the OK for it to work on a large set of keywords, it will REALLY let loose.

I know it might sound too good to be true right now, but just stick with me here to learn more about the traffic system that was developed by a genius Harvard computer programmer.

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Link Emperor: A Personal SEO War Room...

Today we proudly present our program Link Emperor, a personal war room for managing your SEO campaigns from start to finish. It is the ultimate keyword research tool, a highly sophisticated link building service, and the SEO equivalent of “GODMODE” in your favorite old school video games!

In this document we’re going to explain why it’s hands-down the best possible traffic generation system available for businesses like yours, and why we’re offering it at a price low enough to have caused a number of our beta testers to tell us that we’re “absolutely nuts”...

But despite their best efforts in trying to keep Link Emperor a secret, we’d be delighted to have you join us in crushing the competition. :)

So without further ado (thanks for sticking with us!)...

Here's What The Darn Thing Does...

Seamless Integration Into Over 65 Different Link Building Services

We've built relationships with dozens of dedicated link building vendors from all over the Internet. Link Emperor integrates directly into these vendors and automatically places link building orders to your site(s) several times each day.

These services are all integrated in a manner that is 100% hands-free to you, based off of the keyword and lander information that you've already entered into Link Emperor. As soon as you enter a keyword campaign into Link Emperor, thousands of backlinks will begin flowing in the very same day.

Though you have the freedom to run as many or as few services as you like, we've pre-configured a default allocation for developing a diversified, "kitchen sink" approach to link building that will leave you far less likely to be affected by the next "Google Slap!"

We're constantly adding more services, but here's a list JUST SOME of the link building services that are currently INCLUDED in Link Emperor:

  • Article Directory Submission
  • Wiki Submission
  • Web 2.0 Creation
  • Social Submission through SocialAdr
  • Google +1s
  • Private Network Blog Posts
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Web 2.0 Blog Posts
  • Bug Tracker Submission
  • Forum Profile Creation
  • Blog Commenting
  • .Edu / .Gov Links
  • Press Releases
  • ... and more!

(Click here to see the latest list, complete with exact prices for each service type.)

We've done extensive research that proves that it's far better to get just a few blasts from each of these services than to get a daily blast from just one service.

Why? It all comes down to Link Diversity. The more services you use, the wider variety of sites your backlinks will wind up on. You'll have a link diversity that very few other internet marketers have.

That's why we include several link building services rather than just one. Even if Link Emperor is building you fewer total links, the benefits provided by link diversity dramatically outweigh sheer numbers of links, especially if you're currently only using one service.

If you're currently paying for a link building service, you would be INSANE not to switch to Link Emperor, just for the diversity factor ALONE.

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Keyword Priority Algorithm

I know those are big words, but it's a pretty simple idea! You don't want to build the same amount of links to every keyword, because some are more valuable or competitive than others. It's insane to us that other link building programs seem to ignore this obvious fact.

So, Link Emperor decides which of your links to place on each page based upon a number of factors in our algorithm:

The factors in our algorithm include:

  • Search Volume -- Link Emperor pulls the search volume for every keyword automatically from SEMrush.
  • On-Page Relevance -- Link Emperor indexes your landing pages. If the page doesn’t contain the keyword it’s being directed to build links to, it won’t build any links until that keyword is added to the page. If on the other hand, the keyword is in the title tag, Link Emperor will recognize it as that page's main keyword and build extra links to that keyword.
  • SERP Difficulty -- Link Emperor knows that some keywords are just about impossible to rank for, and not worth your time. (It amazes us how other SEO vendors deny this basic fact.) So if you try to rank for "ESPN", Link Emperor will try to help stop you from making that mistake (You can override it if you want.) We use our own proprietary algorithm for this.
  • Current Rank –- Priority is given to keywords where you can achieve the best bump in traffic for the least amount of effort. Therefore, keywords ranking on the second page receive a substantial boost in link building, and so on.
  • Value of a Conversion -- You can assign the value of a conversion on a per-campaign or per-lander basis. Link Emperor will automatically take that info into account, so more links get built to your best money pages.

Link Emperor combines these factors to produce a "Target Value" for each keyword. Of course, you can always override Link Emperor's target value and prioritize your links however you'd like.

By the way, Link Emperor also allows you to throw random prefixes and suffixes into the anchor text of the links being built. These are words such as “buy”, “my”, “the”, “best”, “ –- click here”, “awesome”, etc. We believe this randomization helps to round out the link profile. You can configure exactly how much of this we should do.

This is all in addition to the massive amount of randomization that comes naturally by using a lot of keywords. And how to find those keywords? Read on ...

Keyword Research

Link Emperor's Research feature automatically pulls thousands of keywords in from various sources, based on what your competitors, or “comparables”, are ranking for. Just enter the URLs of your competitors and Link Emperor will crawl the internet, finding their best keywords.

Once Link Emperor has assembled a list of keywords, it groups them by common prefixes and sorts them into a "tree." When you click on a hyperlinked keyword, it unfolds to reveal the long tails that share those same prefix words.

This is a fantastic tool for entering new niches and designing site architecture based around the keyword trees which represent the real keyword relationships that exist in the wild.

Take a look at this screenshot for an example:

Google Analytics Integration

Link Emperor also directly integrates with Google Analytics. If you enter your login info, Link Emperor will automatically pull the keywords you’re getting traffic for and add them to your keyword list. It will also compare the actual traffic that’s coming in for each keyword vs. the expected amount of traffic you should be receiving based upon your current position in the SERP, as estimated by SEMrush.

Many professional SEOs claim that digging through Google Analytics is the best keyword research tool out there. Well, Link Emperor does it for you.

Rank Checking

Link Emperor checks the rankings of all your keywords in Google every week.

If you’ve been paying for a rank checking service, Link Emperor will save you the money and the hassle of checking your rankings anywhere else!

Take a look at this screenshot of our rank checker in action:

...and yes, those are just some of our #1 rankings :)

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SEO "Business in a Box"

If you run your own SEO company or are interested in doing so, just use Link Emperor for your clients. Link Emperor makes selling SEO services DEAD SIMPLE and will have you looking like a true professional. Our highest, more expensive plans were developed with your business needs in mind!

You get a Custom Branded Client Login Area featuring your very own logo and colors where your customers can each receive their own login information to check out exactly where their sites are ranking.

So as an example, if you charge a local SEO client $1500 per month, you could spend $147 on your Link Emperor "Soldier" Level account, assign however many link building credits you'd like toward their campaign, and keep the remaining $1,353 in monthly profit – without doing anything more than entering their website and keywords!

And that’s only assuming one customer. If you didn't use the entire plan's link building credits on your first customer, then your second customer would be completely free to set up -- just create a second campaign for them and assign more of your credits! That would be a total profit of $2,853, with only two customers. Imagine if you charged more, or had more than a handful of customers -– and they won’t hardly take up ANY of your time. And buying additional link building credits in order to add future customers is quite cheap.

Quit running SEO programs on your laptop all day! We’ve made SEO too easy! Time for a vacation! :)

Continuous Improvement

Link Emperor is still being improved upon every month. This is the central command for our own SEO enterprises, so when we roll out changes and improvements, you get to be a part of that.

We also appreciate your feedback as friends and business associates, so if you come up with a great idea for Link Emperor, it’s very possible that you could see it implemented.

It's Time to Change Your Life for the Better.

We don't see Link Emperor as the best SEO tool out there.

...Well, yes we do. But we really see Link Emperor as a lifestyle choice -- freeing you from many of the headaches you feel every day in your business.

It means you're able to fire your outsourcers or overpriced SEO agency, stop paying for separate rank checking services, stop running link building programs on your home computer, stop paying for or managing a VPS, ramp up your SEO to a level you'd never imagined before, and save yourself hours and hours of time per month.

We've dealt with all of your issues at one point or another. And now, Link Emperor has solved those issues for us.

Link Emperor is the ultimate income multiplier, and it's also the ultimate time saver. It's an absolute no-brainer! We want to make it as easy as possible for you to graduate to the next level of success online.

Join the growing community of online entrepreneurs who have more time, fewer expenses and skyrocketed incomes. Just click the "Join Now" button below.

You'll get instant access to Link Emperor and 7,000 credits applied to your account immediately. We'll start link building the same day that you put in your keywords.

Compared to the cost of other SEO services like Backlinks Genie, SENuke, Sick Submitter (once you count how much you spend on CAPTCHAs), Xrumer or even Raven Tools, Link Emperor is a KILLER DEAL. Link Emperor does way more than all of those programs COMBINED. And remember that you can get your first week for only $7!

Comparison Shopping? Link Emperor Offers Way More Than Other SEO Services…

Link Emperor Backlinks Genie Drip Feed Blasts Dripable Raven Tools
Link Building Types
Article Directory Submission yes yes no no n/a
Blog Commenting yes yes no yes n/a
Forum Profile Creation yes yes yes yes n/a
Press Release Submission yes no no no n/a
Private Network Blog Posts yes yes no no n/a
Social Bookmarking yes yes yes no n/a
Social Signals (+1s, Youtube Views, etc.) yes no no no n/a
Video Creation and Submsision yes no no no n/a
Web 2.0 Blog Posts yes no no no n/a
Web 2.0 Property Creation yes yes no no n/a
Wiki Submission yes yes yes no n/a
Link Building Features
Multiple link building vendors (with unique submission tools and lists) for each link type yes no no no n/a
Links independently verified and confirmed to be live yes no no no n/a
mozRank of all linking URLs reported in the link report yes no no no n/a
Automatic scheduling of link building based on your current rankings yes no no no n/a
Research and Reporting Features
Rank Checking yes no no no yes
Google Analytics integration yes no no no yes
Determine Keywords of your Competitors yes no no no no
Generate Articles from ArticleBuilder.net yes no no no no
Built-in Database of PLR Articles yes no no no no
Telephone Technical Support yes yes no no no
Account manager to offer advice on your campaigns yes no no no no
Monthly Cost: $147/mo. $137/mo. $99/mo. $99/mo. $99/mo.

30-Day 100% Return Policy

If at any time you decide that you’re not 100% THRILLED with the service, (even if you just have a tiny little pang of doubt as to whether you’re getting a mindblowing value here), we’ll refund your prior 30 days’ worth of service immediately, without question or hesitation.

It's like a continuous 30-day refund policy! And you can keep the backlinks we've already built!

We can't wait to have you as a customer.

Bobby & Kevin