Link Emperor Features

Tireless Keyword Research Services

The first step in SEO is figuring out which terms, or keywords, to target in your SEO efforts. Picking the right keywords will make the difference between an OK campaign and a wildly successful campaign.

Link Emperor bends over backwards to make keyword research easy. In fact, we think our keyword research service is the best keyword tool available online.

Find New Keywords Automatically

The core of our keyword research software is built around a simple idea: that the best way to find good keywords is to look at what your competitors are already doing.

So, Link Emperor goes out onto the Internet and identifies thousands of keywords that your competitors (or "comparable sites") are already ranking for.

Keyword Tree Organization

Once Link Emperor has assembled a list of keywords, it groups them by common keywords and sorts them into trees. These trees are really cool. When you click on a hyperlinked keyword, it unfolds to reveal more long tail keywords that share those same root words.

This is a great way to do keyword discovery when entering new niches and designing site architecture. Each "root" in the tree could be a potential section or article for your site.

The keyword ideas are taken from the keywords where we see your comparable sites ranking. So if you're finding a lot of unrelated keywords, you may have entered some comparable sites that are too broad to be useful. All you have to do is click the check box next to that section of the tree and click "remove selected" to clean up the list.

Traffic Data Integration

The program pulls information about traffic levels for each keyword (in your locale) from a third-party data provider.

So you can see (at each level of the tree) how much traffic is in that subsection of the niche. All tree branches are not created equal!

Diligently Analyzes Your Google Analytics

Professional SEOs say that your own Google Analytics account can be one of the best sources for keyword ideas. You may quite well be getting traffic on long tail keywords that the keyword tools haven't even discovered yet.

Link Emperor integrates with Google Analytics (or Clicky) and actively watches the keywords you're getting traffic from. If you get more than 3 hits from a given keyword, Link Emperor will go ahead and add it to your active keyword list.

We even compare the actual traffic that's coming in for each keyword to the expected amount of traffic you'd expect to receive (based upon your current SERP rank). We even use that data to help us optimize your link building.

That's just one of the advantages you get by having your keyword research integrated directly into your link building program. Let us automatically build links to the new keywords that we discover. Link Emperor is the only link building service you will ever need.

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