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Announcing the New Link Emperor: Re-imagined Campaigns, Unlimited Keywords and a Smarter Algorithm

January 16, 2015

We decided it was time to shake things up.
Aside from doing a full redesign of the backend (it's pretty!), we took some time last year to re-imagine the way campaigns work. We threw in a few extras, too, like unlimited diversity keywords to help make sure you never get caught by that nasty Penguin again.
I'll go into more detail in a second, but first allow me to explain why we made these changes and how they're going to simplify your life.
Back when we first created Link Emperor in 2010, SEO was way different (no kidding).
It was a lot easier to rank one single page on your website for all sorts of different keywords, just so long as you built a boatload of links with all sorts of different anchor texts.  You could even rank for stuff that was only barely related to the content on your page, so long as you had enough links. 
For instance, we used to rank the exact same page on our money site for the keywords "MGM Grand Las Vegas" and "MGM Grand Las Vegas Swimming Pools" ...aaaaaaandddddd "MGM Grand Las Vegas Shows".
(Insert "those were the days" type comment here.)
That's why, when we first built Link Emperor, we used a simple structure for organizing keywords that was based around the money site page (what we called the "Target").
Campaigns > Targets > Keywords.  
That's how it worked... You just piled keywords on top of the pages you already had, and for long-tail keywords it worked often enough that it was generally the smartest, most cost-effective strategy.
The idea was to take the pages you already had and rank them for as many keywords as you could. Obviously, it would be better to have more pages with more laser-targeted content, but that's also more expensive. So we tried to get away with as little content as necessary.
Fast-forward to 2015, and that strategy just doesn't make sense any more. 
In fact, I doubt anyone could rank the same page for "MGM Grand Las Vegas Swimming Pools" and "MGM Grand Las Vegas Shows" today, except maybe Wikipedia. There's just way more content in existence and things are way more competitive. The long tail keywords are not nearly so "long tail" as they used to be.
So, we were recently chatting about all this and realized that the entire structure of Link Emperor itself actually encouraged old school thinking. The organization of it made you think about your Targets first, then your Keywords.
Totally backwards for today's content-centric environment. You have to think about Keywords first, then find or create content that matches.
So, we spent the last quarter of 2014 rebuilding Link Emperor to follow that concept, and threw in some other great new perks along the way!
...And today, we're proud to present a brand new Link Emperor for 2015.
Here's what's changed:
Within each Campaign, you won't find Targets any more.  You'll find Topics.
A Topic is a tight group of largely synonymous keywords around which you'll build pages to rank. Imagine a campaign called Las Vegas Hotels. Example topics might include Tropicana Las Vegas and Wynn Las Vegas.  But you might also have a topic for Tropicana Las Vegas Pools, Tropicana Las Vegas Shows, Tropicana Las Vegas Slots, etc.
Basically, topics should correspond one-to-one with things that you can write different content about.
So before you go creating your topics, you should start with keyword research!  We recommend the Link Emperor Research tab (click here to learn more about it) for identifying the keywords you'll want to go after. But feel free to use as many research sources as you have available to you.
The key is to pick your topics without regard for what content you currently have. Once you understand what topics you should be going after, then it's time to create the content you need to rank.
Once you know your Topics, you're ready to tell Link Emperor about your content that you're trying to rank.
For each Topic, Link Emperor now allows you to input Money Sites, Parasites, Videos, and Press Releases as separate types of targets. We will automatically apply the best link building settings to each type of target. For instance, money sites need to be completely protected, whereas we can build a ton of links to a Press Release or YouTube video.
The other reason we break this out is because we want the topic page to visually remind you of what assets you're working with for each major keyword. Generally, you want all of these different types of content for each and every topic! 
Your goal should be to get at least one money site, parasite, video, and PR into every SERP.  It's okay if you don't have them all ready to go, but a blank list of content for any given target type should remind you that you've got work to do.
Now, how do keywords work in the new system?
For each Topic, you define Money Keywords, which work like Keywords have always worked in Link Emperor. These are rank checked, and will be used in (some) of the anchor texts of the links that we build.
However, we've also added a new feature called Diversity Keywords.  This is the Unlimited Keywords thing I talked about at the beginning of the blog post.  Adding these into campaigns has delivered a huge improvement to the folks that have been beta testing the new Link Emperor.
Diversity Keywords are basically extra anchor texts that we will use in your link building to make it look more natural. It really adds considerable variety to your campaign, which is essential these days.
These should include synonyms, extra words, sentences, etc. for each topic. The sky is the limit here, you don't want to skimp on these because they help protect you. You may add an unlimited number of diversity keywords to each topic, and we will use them in link building for no extra charge.
Customers who have been beta testing our new system are having great results by using 100 or more diversity keywords per topic!
These new features are live in Link Emperor right now. We've also put together an in-depth video to show you what everything looks like and how to use the new system. 
We hope you enjoy this new system as much as we enjoyed creating it.
More to come in 2015!
Kevin, Bobby, Colton and Jeremy
Link Emperor Team
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