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Linklicious is Finally Here!

December 13, 2012

Hey Emperors!
About two months ago we added another long awaited feature to Link Emperor. This was the ability to integrate with one of the most popular link indexing services on the web: Lindexed. Lindexed was a great addition to Link Emperor and many customers wrote in telling just how much they loved it, and how effective it really was.
However, along with all of those messages we also received a number of messages that asked "I see you integrate with Lindexed, which is great, but what about Linklicious?!" We found that we had a huge number of customers that were subscribing to Linklicious' Pro plan, and were looking for an easier way to get their newly created backlinks from Link Emperor in there.
So today we are introducing Link Emperor's native integration with Linklicious!
What does this mean for you? Well here is a short excerpt from our Lindexed announcement which describes a bit about what indexing actually is:
"Basically, the term ‘indexed’ means that a search engine has added a particular URL to the search engine results. For our purposes, we will be using Google as an example.
Just because a web page is available to the public doesn't mean that Google has found it yet. Many pages are never discovered at all! And if Google doesn't find a page, the links on it certainly won't count.
For example, let’s say that you create a new page at and it's got a backlink to your site. Therefore, you want Google to find that page.
While the main URL “” is probably indexed in Google, the page you JUST created will not yet be indexed, because it is so new.
What [indexing service] does is bring that page to Google's attention, to speed up this indexing process."
So how do you go about linking your Linklicious account to Link Emperor?
1. Click on the Account tab.
2. Click on the External Linked Accounts tab
3. Click on the option to "Link New Linklicious PRO Account
See here... 
After clicking the Link New Linklicious PRO Account, you will be prompted to enter your Linklicious API Key. You will find this by logging in to your Linklicious PRO account, and clicking the sub-tab "Linklicious API Key.
See here… 
From there all you have to do is copy the API key, and paste it into Link Emperor.
See here… 
And this is all there is to it!
After successfully adding your Linklicious API key, Linklicious will automatically pull all of the newly created backlinks from Link Emperor and put its system to work to get them indexed!
As the Linklicious PRO account will allow for up to 50,000 links to be indexed per day, you will have more than enough resources to handle all of your Link Emperor links.
We knew that when we added support for Lindexed that we were really hitting on a necessary feature for our customers. And now with support for Linklicious we believe that this puts us even further ahead of the competition!
Let us know what you think guys! Leave a comment in the box below!
To Your Success,
Cody Manning
Customer Support Specialist
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