Link Emperor Features

On-Page SEO Website Audits

For the best SEO results, you absolutely have to make sure your On-Page factors are perfect. Everything must be configured correctly on your server, and your sites should have every little detail that Google looks for. There are so many factors involved, it's rare to get it all right on your first try.

That's why Link Emperor includes an On-Page SEO audit of every URL you put into the system. We will scrutinize your pages against a variety of factors that have been shown to determine whether you're ready to receive Google's love and cherishment.

We Check for a Laundry List of Factors

It's important to note that these are only a checklist of suggestions, and that some of them are bigger issues than others. For instance, we'll let you know if we couldn't find a contact form or privacy policy on your site. Whether or not those are ranking factors is impossible to know. But since they're good ideas for usability either way, we include them in our check.

Here are a few of the factors that Link Emperor will search for:

  • Site does not have a proper canonical URL redirect (301 redirect from non-www to www or vice versa)
  • Site does not have a contact page that we could find
  • Site does not have a privacy policy that we could find
  • Site does not have a robots.txt file in the root
  • Site does not have a sitemap.xml file in the root
  • Lander does not have a keyword (that you're trying to build links to) on the page anywhere
  • Lander does not have a <h1> tag on the page
  • Lander does not have a <title> tag
  • Lander does not have a <meta> description tag
  • Lander does not have enough content (> 200 words)
  • Lander has a <title> tag with the same content as another lander
  • Lander has a <meta> description tag with the same content as another lander
  • Lander redirects to another page

After performing our audit, we'll let you know exactly what you need to change for each of your sites.

And our keyword detection logic is aware of LSI-related keywords. So if you're optimizing for both the term plumbing and plumber, Link Emperor knows that those words are related and scores them accordingly.

Perfect For Personal Websites or Client Sites

The On-Page audit is a real life-saver if you work with a large number of websites. We often find that we've overlooked certain issues ourselves through the course of setting up a new website, so it's fantastic to have a safety net.

It's also a great initial report that you professional SEOs can provide to clients as part of the setup or client acquisition process.

And because the On-Page Audits are seamlessly integrated into the rest of the Link Emperor suite, they don't require any effort on your part to get set up. It's just one more reason that Link Emperor is the only link building service you'll ever need.

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